Centrifugal Crushers

Machine designed to produce sand from aggregates made from hard an semi-hard rocks and ideal for re-griding surplus sizes.

Maintenance cost is very low, since the rotor shapes itself with the material ground. Power consumption is also minimal. Fine sizes, including 3-6 mm. can be re-ground to obtain sand. With a low filler content. Optimum cubic coefficient.


Construction Details

The machine forms a compact body with the electric motor coupled, all on a frame with four feet to anchor it to the foundation.

Frame, bench and cover, built in electrowelded sheet steel and protected by special anti-wear steel armor.

Crushing chamber made up of modular, interchangeable and reversible special anti-wear steel shells.

High-resistance, alloy, forged steel shaft, mounted on bearings, in support protected by dust-tight labyrinths.

"They can optionally be supplied with a hydraulic opening and turning device for the lid."

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